My Beautiful Real Life, Because of Arbonne…

Thanks to Arbonne coming streaking into my life 3 years ago my life has
dramatically changed for the better....and it just keeps getting better and better with all the people coming on this journey with me! 


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I have learnt so much in my three years with Arbonne - I have learnt more than 33 years on the planet....Here's just a few of those lessons and benefits:

  • It's made me a better person
  • It's made my life so much more exciting
  • We've been able to travel more often to places that were growing dusty on my to-do list
  • I've been able to read so many more books and grow enormously personally and professionally
  • I've been able to connect and make friends with incredible people all over the world who have my back
  • I'm way more creative, way less stressed and stifled


All these things that I thought were possible for my life I just didn't know how they were actually going to happen.
This is not the usual box I would have looked in for the how either...but I am glad my curiosity got the better of me!


Support Squad (Yay!)

Having friends in school sure made life there a little easier, made for some fun summers, weekends spent shopping and sleepovers giggling over the sealed section of the Dolly Magazine. Fast forward a few years and everyone trots off overseas or to university and you suddenly realise the bit no-one was telling you about adulting....making friends can be hella hard.

But nothing compares to having the support and the community and this sisterhood and brotherhood that is the Arbonne community all over the world. And to have a tribe to call your own.

You are inviting a family to come together in your team and your team's team, and then you have a chance to tap into the family that already exists in Arbonne, creating even more life-long friendships with the most lifting and inspiring and supportive of people. Some serendipitous moments at national and international events have led me to connect with a few people I now feel extremely lucky to call my soul sisters - the kind of people I was longing for for years and I know will have my back (and me theirs) through any challenge and every win for years to come.


because of arbonne squad tribe samantha clark


because of arbonne story retirement

Retirement from #JOBlife

I was able to retire within six months of starting my own Arbonne business. So was my partner. But whoa up and let's define the word retired. To us it's really not about stopping working completely and doing nothing - as much as I love a good lazy tropical holiday, I think that would be super boring after awhile to have nothing else to do. I also think it'd be a waste of an opportunity (of time!) to expand your streams of income, explore other passions, and the wonderful opportunities to give back.

To us retirement was freedom from being tied to our IT company as we had previously been for 6 years straight. We had worked ourselves to the bone - or rather, to ill health - and weren't exactly the fun loving people we once were. We were too wretched exhausted and (now easy to see in hindsight) verging on total burnt out.

Time and a level of financial freedom that came from building our Arbonne business to the third level of success gave us new ideas about how to spend our days; freedom to start and finish other projects; and most importantly, a breath to finally assess and contemplate all this and a new future to the one we previously couldn't see for the workload. 

The changes in us both, now 3 years of living and working without a boss, has been positively transformative for our life's work to say the least. We now have another online based business, have completed courses we'd been wanting to do forever that open us up to even greater opportunities, and I've been able to combine so many of my passions to create this blog and my YouTube Channel. We are having the time of our lives DESIGNING our lives!



Of course, building an Arbonne business (or any business really!) means you're going to grow and change in ways you might never have considered. It's a beautiful thing....for most. But for some people, this is the terrifying reason they'll never do it.

Most of us have something we personally would love to change - be that increased confidence, a chance to read all those money making and entrepreneurship books, take that Tony Robbins course, maybe nail a public presentation, or even just have a genuine conversation with a stranger. Maybe, like me, you know there's a bigger calling on your life than what you're currently living and have always known there'd be a time where you'd develop into that role. I wasn't so much excited as I was totally sure, decided and determined when I discovered realising that calling would start with saying yes and building my Arbonne business.

I got to work on myself and challenged myself at every turn. I knew the bare minimum and I knew I was a decent, understanding, cool enough human being not to throw up too much of my new venture on anyone, but more ask the questions and start the conversations everyone was dying to have but no-one was saying. And then, beautifully, my biggest growth came from teaching others how to create their best life with the simple social marketing system of Arbonne and their products.


because of arbonne personal growth


because of arbonne life on my terms

And bonus, Ben's personal growth, at first admittedly a little reactive and fearful of my own, swiftly followed and we both now enjoy our self development, professional development and spiritual development - transformed to two much happier and whole humans with clarity, purpose and vision.



Living how we want to live, living fully (compared to working fully), embracing life and going on the adventures of change can actually challenge other people as it did Ben initially. But soon some people around you - or watching you - see your growth as their own push or permission they can now freely grant themselves to go forward and make some positive changes too.

Living on our own terms makes 'what's next' an adventure rather than a crippling or scary decision. Of course, any decision can change your life, but making them according to your values, on your time, and with your wildest dreams in mind, so much more exciting!



By far one of the most freeing 'because of Arbonne' experiences is travel. Travelling the world and immersing ourselves in other cultures, understanding and witnessing their history, meeting their people, eating all the food, and seeing all the sights has driven us for years. Yet the prospect of it ever happening was becoming dimmer the more we threw ourselves into work.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to work, but working smart trumps working hard every time should you desire any semblance of life/work balance. And yes, life comes before work because I'm a big believer we are all capable of so much in our lifetimes it all accumulates into a spectacular puzzle called our life's work, and usually the most achieved, created, shared, and given when we discover our life's calling. Yes, I'm going deep, but this is our one life after all and I for one do not intend to waste it being unhappy, unfulfilled or without having experienced as much travel as I possibly can.

because of arbonne travel freedom

So far we have cruised to some incredible locations, taken yearly trips to the USA and thoroughly enjoyed exploring it, and had the absolute joy of booking discount flights and accommodation with zero lines in off peak seasons! We can spend a day at the beach, or go hiking in the morning and work our businesses at night. We can make plans without consulting a higher up and can even earn free 5 star trips through Arbonne incentives.

Travel is a word that now has meaning and memories and plans rather than just hopes, wishes and desperate needs. 



samantha clark arbonne vp journey


One of the most beautiful parts of my new reality is feeling and looking so much healthier - psychically, mentally and emotionally. One cannot be authentically sharing Swiss formulated, botanically based anti aging skincare, vegan makeup and drug free sports and nutrition products without actively using them on a daily basis. And it's the products that have surprised me most on this journey - they have far exceeded my expectations and continue to do so.

And it's how they make me feel that is so priceless. I recently compared my pre-Arbonne skin to my (near on 4 years) using Arbonne skin with dramatic results. Similarly Ben and I are works in progress transforming our inner health from years of stress, lack of sleep, exercise and proper nourishment. Me with sinus and toxicity through the roof and Ben with IBS-like symptoms that have often left us less than our most vital and vibrant selves.

The introduction of daily greens, cleaner, leaner and more alive eating, coupled with the time freedom to form awesome exercise and adventuring habits now feeds our minds, bodies and souls with everything we need for optimal health. And in our experience, we are hearing the compliments of the outward appearance of that health and receiving such better news from our health practitioners, it can only mean we are onto a good thing. And the best bit? It's real life, real food, real results. 



My beautiful real life because of Arbonne and my commitment to growth, most refreshingly, comes back to my creative freedom - the ultimate gift for me. I now no longer feel creatively stifled by the stress of my everyday work and no life lack of balance. I now have the time and energy to devote to returning to the creative flow. I now no longer feel pressured to create simply what others desire in order to make money from my art. And I now have the mind and soul space to etch out a new vision for where I want to take my creative pursuits...and all of my other passions. 

I can start writing that book I've always wanted to. I am learning other languages like I've always wanted to. I created this blog and my channel and have the freedom to play with them and mould them and experiment, make mistakes and make it my own, and to keep doing them purely for the love of it.

It's a rare thing to find a place where you can learn while you earn. And it's a rare thing to find a culture that supports your growth and encourages you to explore your passions. 

because of arbonne creative freedom


My Arbonne life is not all Arbonne, because my Arbonne life is all of life. It's one and the same, it's part of me not just part of what I do. And I will forever be grateful and giving of this gift to whomever can see a place for it in their lives, and for anyone with a dream. Arbonne has taken me from where I was to where I want to be...and I'm still on my way....and what a beautiful ride that is. 



*I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and this is my personal experience. To find out more about how Arbonne works for me,
watch my Discover Arbonne YouTube video that explains the business model, or get in touch with me personally here. 
This is not material supplied by Arbonne. Individual results vary on each individuals own effort and commitment
and Arbonne does not make any guarantees on product results, cures, or income.
Please consider this information in conjunction with the Independent Consultant Success Summary for your country.






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